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Air Filter Reminder

Air Filter Reminder


Thank you for being a valued customer of One Water Systems. As you know we always provide the best possible service and provide the leading technology available.
We would like to remind you of our air purifying systems. This is a system we have had for years and during the last few weeks have had a tremendous demand for them.
The need for clean air is a human necessity. The need now is probably the greatest we have ever had to imagine.
The air purification system is unique in one very important aspect, it has a airborne virus protection element, called DFS (disinfecting filtration system), that has certification from the FDA as a medical device.
Unlike many store bought air filters that use the common HEPA filtration systems, our system is tested to be 9 times more effective on reducing and removing harmful particulates, down to .01 of a micron.
Also, it does not collect dust particles and allow bacteria and to grow, leading to constant cleaning or replacement filters. The system creates a whole home (up to 2000 sq.feet) improvement.
Healthway is the leading air experts in the U.S. and they filter for many companies, hospitals and many Purerooms in leading hotels.
As an existing One Water customer, if you are interested in our Air Filtration by Healthway, please give us a call at (760) 994-4795.
Linked is a video with more information.

Thank you and have a great day!

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