Covid-19 May Update | One Water Systems, California

Covid-19 May Update

Covid-19 May Update

As we all continue to find our way through this difficult time, we figured we would share some of the things that we are planning.
Here is what we know about the virus so far.

1. It can be spread rapidly. Someone can get this virus if they are in the same room as someone that has it. Tiny droplets from someone sneezing or coughing can flow through the air and get someone else infected.

2. You can have zero symptoms and still have the virus. Unfortunately some people don’t show any signs of the symptoms and can still be a carrier of the virus, making it very easy to accidentally spread it to others.

3. This virus is stronger than the seasonal flu. Based on the numbers alone, Covid-19 has more deaths per cases than the yearly flu has so far. Unfortunately that number continues to rise everyday.

4. In San Diego County, Governor Gavin Newsome has given the green light for us to start phase 2 of returning from lockdown. This means that restaurants are opening back up for dine-in customers and retail stores are opening back up. Both of which have to open within the standards of social distancing. The reason we have been approved for phase 2 is because our numbers of people having the virus are decreasing from the amount of people being tested.

So what does this mean for One Water Systems?

We will be implementing certain guidelines to our company as we continue to follow social distancing. Our annual visits will return by having our technicians have as little contact with the customer as possible. They will be given masks and gloves for when they visit households. They will not go inside your home. They will only be going in to visit the tank in either the garage or outside. When they do the water test, they will ask the customer to grab a sample of water from inside the house and bring it out to them to do their test outside. This will limit any sort of possible exposure to both our customers and our technicians.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call us at (760) 994-4795.