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Has Water Gotten Better Over Time?

Has Water Gotten Better Over Time?

The quick answer to this question would be no. In fact, when you think about it, there isn’t any new water on this planet. It goes around and around being cycled through the ecosystem straight back to the faucet of your kitchen sink. Straight back through the shower head in your bathroom. Straight back to to being absorbed into your body on a daily basis. This water that we are around is the same as the water from thousands of years ago. 

So has our water gotten worse over time? Yes. When you think about all of the man made things that now inhabit this big blue ball we call Earth do in fact do damage to the water we see every day of our lives. From the soil that surrounds the pipes to the chlorine that is added to the water lines by the cities themselves; there is a lot to see inside our water. The truth of the matter is that our water can be full of surprises. It make look clean and clear like all water should but a deeper dive shows what goes into our bodies. A simple glass of tap water tells a long story. It could have everlasting effects on our bodies for years to come but we don’t even realize it. According to Popular Science there is a lot that can be in our water.

Why take a chance with your water? Why not have a healthier way of taking it all in? One Earth. Only one water available. One Water Systems can help you with that. As a whole house water filtration company, we eliminate all the bad things that are put in our water while keeping all of the good things (minerals) still intact. 


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