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Heavy Metals in Your Drinking Water

Heavy Metals in Your Drinking Water

Even if your water looks clean, it’s very likely your drinking water contains heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and other toxic contaminants.
If your suffer from regular headaches, migraines, chronic pain in muscles and tendons, foggy thinking, fatigue, mood swings, chronic infections, or nervous system malfunctions… it’s very possible you’ve got a build up of heavy metals in your body

These hidden contaminants in your drinking water accumulate in your body, and cause havoc to your organs and nervous system over time.
Recent studies from the EWG(Environmental Working Group) and the Center of Disease Control show that the state of our tap water is worse than at any time in human history.
It’s very likely your water contains heavy metals, fluoride, chloride, harmful aluminum, agricultural and industrial byproducts.

Reverse osmosis or distilled bottled water is considered “dead water”, empty of all essential minerals which your body needs.

PS. You’ll be shocked at how your health improves when you cleanse your body from accumulated heavy metals, harmful aluminum, and when you remove other deadly toxins from the water you put in your body every day.




courtesy: water liberty