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Is Carlsbad Alkaline Water Really Alkaline?

Is Carlsbad Alkaline Water Really Alkaline?

Being based out of Southern California, many people are aware of Carlsbad Alkaline Water. Their water can be found in many convenient stores around California and you can even go to the source in Carlsbad and fill up your own bottles and jugs. Many people rave about the water being the best on the market because it has such a high pH value. On the side of the bottle it even states that it’s pH is 8.5-9.0, which actually is a very high pH for water.

A bottle of Carlsbad Alkaline Water
Side label of Carlsbad Alkaline Water

As you can see the side of the bottle does in fact state that the pH is 8.5-9.0; however, most people glance over the second part underneath that: “Range at Source”. What exactly does that mean? Maybe the pH is different after it’s bottled? Some of the questions that I was thinking myself. I decided to test the pH myself to see if it matched.

Phenol Red: A solution for testing pH

I decided to use phenol red solution on a brand new bottle of Carlsbad Alkaline Water. I will place 5 drops of phenol red into the water and observe the color. Below are the results I found.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water pH Test

As you can see, after 5 drops of phenol red, the pH of the Carlsbad Alkaline Water is no where near 8.5-9.0 like it is stated on the side of the bottle. If it was 8.5-9.0 the color of the solution would have been a deep purple color making it darker than the highest color on the scale of 8.2. Comparing the solution to the scale to the left, I would say that color looks to be around 7.2 in pH.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water tested by Hanna Instrument

After using the phenol red, I wanted to make sure that the color test was telling me the right information. For this pH test I used a Hanna Instrument that can test for: pH, EC, TDS, ORP, and Temperature. This device has been calibrated appropriately and is up to date. As you can see from the picture above, the pH came out to a 7.26, which is about the same range as the phenol red solution test.

In conclusion, is Carlsbad Alkaline Water really alkaline? In short, yes; technically pH number over 7 is considered alkaline. The alkalinity of the Carlsbad Alkaline Water, however, is not the number stated on the side of the bottle. The pH could very well be that high at the source, but once bottled and sold on the shelves it appears to drastically decrease.

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