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New Study Shows Filtered Water is Better for Your Health Financially

New Study Shows Filtered Water is Better for Your Health Financially

A recent study by the Water Quality Research Foundation has shown that filtered water can help you financially. The study shows that exposure to many things in our drinking water can cause a decrease in IQ level, therefore, not getting the potential education for a higher paying job. “The financial cost related to lead exposure include the loss of productivity to society, lost earnings, the costs of special education, and the costs of juvenile delinquency. A recent cost– benefit analysis undertaken in the United States found that for every $1 spent to reduce lead hazards, there is a savings of $17–220 to society.”

The study was then put into place by the University of Arizona to check on the numbers of Flint, Michigan as an example. “The study assumed all of the 98,310 Flint residents were exposed to lead levels of 25 µg/L in drinking water and 20% of lead in drinking water is manifested in the body as blood lead levels. This corresponded to an average blood lead level of 0.5 µg/dL and a loss of 0.257 IQ points. Using the blood lead level to lifetime economic impact model, this corresponds to a lifetime loss of $5,381 per person and a total community cost of $435,000,000.” The study concluded that if all the homes in Flint, Michigan were to have a basic carbon filter with lead removal capabilities, it would only cost the city about $11,000,000. That number is a massive difference from the potential loss of income that the society could be losing due to the lead exposure.

Overall these numbers are staggering and only proves once again how needed water filtration is to combat potential health risks that are coming from your everyday drinking water in your homes. Help yourselves, help your children, help society; get water filtration. If you would like to read more about this study please visit:

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