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Some more information on Arsenic

Some more information on Arsenic

Facts about arsenic

What is arsenic and where did it come from, and why are we just hearing about it now?

Arsenic is a naturally occurring mineral in groundwater. It is found in water all over the world as both As3 (arsenite) and As5 (arsenate). In Bangladesh it is truly a health crisis.1 In South America, 7,000-year-old Andean mummies showed the effects of arsenicosis (arsenic poisoning) from prolonged exposure to contaminated drinking water. Europe was the first to lower their arsenic levels to 10 parts per billion (ppb). Even in the U.S. there is arsenic in the drinking water supply. In most every case, it is not a man-made problem. It has always been there, people were just unaware of its presence. It is tasteless, colorless and odorless.

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