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The Rose Test

The Rose Test

For this test I wanted to do something a little bit different. We learned about the different bottled waters and what they are made of, so I wanted to see just exactly what the process is doing to a living thing; for this particular test I am doing it with roses. I purchased these three roses from the same store on the exact same day: May 9, 2017. These roses have been cut at equal length and have not been tampered with in anyway besides put into their respective water. We will be doing this test in three different types of water: 1. Tap Water taken from an unfiltered tap in Carlsbad, CA. 2. One Water Systems which is Carlsbad, CA tap water that has been treated using a One Water Systems machine. 3. Aquafina which is water that has been treated by a reverse osmosis machine and nothing else. The pictures and information will be presented as I have gathered it. Let’s take a look and see just what happens to the roses!


Day 1

Three identical roses have been placed in three different waters. On the left is Tap Water, the middle is One Water Systems, and the right is Aquafina. Nothing will be added and nothing will be manipulated to the roses. We will now observe what happens to these roses as the time goes on. 


Day 2

As one day has passed it has already been pretty clear that the rose that is sitting in the Aquafina is starting to struggle. The other two roses seem to be blooming a little more.


Day 3

The rose that is sitting in the Aquafina water is already starting to wilt as you can see slight discoloration on some of the rose petals. The One Water Systems water seems to have the rose flourishing. It is bright and vivid. 


Day 7

The difference is clear on day 7. The rose that is in Tap Water has lost a leaf on its stem and is also starting to die. The rose in Aquafina is continuing to dry up and wilt away. One Water Systems still seems to be giving the rose that is in it some life. 


Day 8


Day 8 you can see more deterioration. The rose in the Aquafina has lost a few leaves this time. The rose in Tap Water is starting to droop just a little bit more. Meanwhile the rose that is sitting in the One Water Systems water is still looking beautiful.


Day 9

Day 9 has really shown just how much time has taken a toll on these roses. As you can see by the side picture, the head of the rose that is in the Tap Water is really starting to hang low. The rose that that is sitting in Aquafina has a petal that is looking like it will fall off. One Water Systems only has a slight discoloration on the tip of the rose petals. 


Day 10

For day 10 the roses on either side of the rose sitting in One Water Systems are pretty much dead. If this was sitting at someone’s house they would have thrown away either one of those roses in Tap Water and Aquafina. One Water Systems has lost a leaf on its stem.


Day 11

As day 11 shows, we finally have some significant deterioration to the rose that has been sitting in One Water Systems. A petal appears that it is starting to come off towards the bottom. The rose in Aquafina is almost completely dried up and has lost another leaf. The rose that is sitting in Tap Water is pretty much hanging so low that it is adjacent to its own stem.


Day 14


Day 14, two weeks after the roses were purchased and placed into the water, we see the final results. All 3 roses are dried up. Each one is no longer living. The only rose “still standing” is the on in One Water Systems. The other two look sad and extremely droopy. 



Overall this experiment was a unique one. We learned a lot over the past two weeks about how important water can be to a living organism. In this case of the roses we learned that is truly is important to have minerals in the water to keep itself alive. Aquafina is reverse osmosis water: the process in which water is stripped away of everything that makes it “alive”. We saw clearly that the rose was struggling from the very beginning sitting in Aquafina. Another thing that killed the rose quicker than it should have was just plain Tap Water. It could have been any number of things that the rose could have been absorbing that killed it quicker. Rather it being the chlorine in the water or possibly a heavy metal, we just are unsure. One thing that we are completely sure of though is that the rose that stayed alive the longest was the one sitting in the One Water Systems water. This water is tap water treated through our very own filtration device. Taking out all the bad elements in normal tap water but leaving in all the good minerals at the same time. We have seen the effects that these waters have on a living organism. With ourselves also being a living organism you have to ask yourself: what type of water do I want to put in my body?


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