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How it Works

Amp Force Technology – Using low voltage, high frequency impulses it changes “hard water” minerals calcium and magnesium to water soluble, non-adherent form. No salts or other chemicals are used; and therefore no polluting brine discharge. Independently tested and proven to not only prevent scale inside plumbing and fixtures, but actually de-scale previous build up. That means it actually CLEANS the inside of your pipes while neutralizing harmful minerals at the same time.

You get soft water with no salt and cleaner plumbing.

Granular Activated Carbon – Coconut shell G.A.C. drastically reduces chlorine, mtbe, voc’s, pesticides, and solvents.

Benefits: Drastic reduction of objectionable tastes and odors while preventing the dry itchy skin and scalp commonly associated with bathing in chlorinated water. Softer, smoother feeling skin and hair without adding salt or other chemicals.


Kinetic Degradation Fluxion – Filter media consisting of zinc, copper, and other alloys in a patented formulation to both reduce chlorine in water and prevent bacteria from growing inside the tank. Also reduces lead, mercury, iron, and many other metals.

Benefits: A longer lasting, more efficient filtration system that will outlast and out perform carbon only filters to provide cleaner, fresher tasting water throughout the house.


Quartz Bed
Maintains even distribution of accumulated sediment in the bottom of the tank between backwashes. Unlike most low-end carbon based only filters, no outside sediment filter is needed for most treated water supplies.