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Exploring Why Hot Water Has More Dissolved Substances

Have you ever taken a shower and realized that one of the many holes in your shower head is spurting water in a direction that it isn’t supposed to be going? Something is obviously clogging up the shower head to cause all of this to happen. The first idea most people think of is how hard their water must be. While that might be part of the reason, the other reason people seem to overlook is just how hot [...]

Aging Pipes: The Hidden Hazard

Have you ever seen the news show sink holes happening throughout the streets? A broken pipe underneath the ground causing the surrounding area to collapse in the extreme wet conditions. We never really know just how long the pipes that transport our water to our homes last underneath our feet when we are walking around outside. Depending on the age and the kind of pipe, they can last anywhere to 20-80 years. Eventually they will break down like everything [...]

Do Plants Care What Kind of Water They Drink?

Filtered water is beneficial for plants compared to regular tap water due to the removal of impurities. Tap water often contains chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals that can be harmful to plant health. These chemicals may cause leaf burn, inhibit nutrient absorption, and disrupt the delicate balance of microorganisms in the soil. By filtering tap water, these contaminants are effectively eliminated, providing plants with a cleaner and safer water source. Reverse osmosis (RO) water, on the other hand, while also [...]

That Water Has Flavor!

Many of the waters today have different flavors. Whether you’re drinking sparkling water with a hint of flavor or you’re just adding a flavor to already existing water, there seems to be an unlimited number of flavors to choose from to make regular water a little more flavorful. But what about regular water? Why do some waters just generally taste different from each other when there isn’t anything added to them? Although water is a simple, colorless, and odorless substance, [...]

Holiday Season Brings Joy and Dryness

A lot of people travel for the holiday season, either to a loved one’s home or a vacation for themselves. Now, with that being said, most of those people return home after having a wonderful time away but notice something a bit different about themselves: their skin seems a little drier than normal. Why is this? What happened? Most of the time it is the water. Our bodies are very picky when it comes to certain things, like what [...]

LA Successfully Limits Water Usage

Los Angeles announced that they were successful in saving water through the summer of 2022. The city had saved 6 billion gallons of water compared to water use from last year. This means, in a conservative effort, the city of LA successfully saved water. Earlier before Summer, the city of LA asked its population to cut back on the water usage because of the state of California being in such a drought already. The usage is the overall lowest among the city’s nearly [...]

Free For Five Winner- Mr. Kevin Datzell| One Water Systems

Here is a clip of one of the Free For Five Winner- Mr. Kevin Datzell who shares his exciting experience using One Water Systems for over four years. Mr. Datzell not only installed the Water Systems at his house but ensured the safety of his family members and got them installed at his parents' and father-in-law's house. He was so happy to use our systems that he strongly recommended the benefits of using the Water Systems and recommended his [...]

How “Pure” is Purified Water?

You go to a store and pick out a bottle of water out of the nearest refrigerator. “Purified water” is written right on the front of the label. Easy enough choice; grab it and go about your day. What is purified water exactly? Most companies fill up these water bottles by putting tap water that is treated by a water filtration system known as reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis will strip out everything in the water, all that is bad [...]

What Makes a Good Warranty?

A warranty is insurance for peace of mind. Would you like to get the warranty on the product you’re purchasing? This question is much different than a product already coming with a warranty that is included. What makes them different? When someone offers you a warranty during purchase at an extra cost, they are really trying to upsell you something that may not be needed, as well as putting doubt in your mind that the product you just purchased [...]

Water Bill Help May Be Coming to Low-Income Californians

Help may be coming to some Californians when it comes to their water bill. A bill that creates a new state program to help low-income Californians pay their water and sewage bills is now expected to be sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom for his signature. The bill passed overwhelmingly by California lawmakers. In 2021, nearly 650,000 residential and 46,000 business accounts owed more than $315 million in unpaid water and wastewater bills. This is partly do to the increase [...]