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Free Drinking Water Test for San Diego Homes

WATER TESTS ENSURE SAFE DRINKING WATER Well known for its awesome location, San Diego is a wonderful city situated in Southern California just north of the border from Tijuana, Mexico. The eighth largest city in the US, San Diego itself has over 1.3 million residents and San Diego County is home to over 3 million. San Diego is also known for attracting numerous tourists with its mesmerizing beauty and plentiful outdoor activities. Something you may not know about San Diego [...]

Best Home Water Filter in San Diego – One Water Systems

We can’t live without water! Water is necessary for survival of any species on planet. Clean drinking water is responsible for both our mental and physical health. We always here that the most important thing is to drink enough QUANTITY of water but the QUALITY of our drinking water is just as important. Because we drink water with the purpose of flushing out all the unwanted substance and contaminants from our body, it’s purity is of utmost importance. Unfortunately [...]

Choosing the Best Home Water Filter in San Diego

There are a lot of residential systems available that claim to be the best home water filter in San Diego. However, not all products are created equal. There are several factors involved such as performance, methods, and filter types. Finding the best option for your family requires research, and knowledge of what to look for. The best home water filter will have performance data testing available for your review. This performance testing should outline some very important factors. If a [...]

One Water Systems

One Water Systems – Clean, Healthy Water in San Diego

One Water: A maintenance-free system that creates clean, healthy water for drinking and bathing.Kevin Worsfold, owner/ operator of One Water Systems is passionate about water. So passionate that he read all 196 pages of the World Health Organization’s preliminary report on Nutrients in Drinking Water.“The evidence repeatedly points to the fact that softened water – which has had its minerals removed either by using salt or reverse osmosis-type filtration – is unhealthy,” said Worsfold.“Demineralized water will kill a goldfish [...]